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Michigan Cricket Association USA

2015 USCCC and NCCC
2015 US Corporate Cricket Cup and National College Cricket Cup
2015 USCCC and NCCC Schedule
Sat, 26 Sep 2015 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM

NCCC Finals:
NCCC Finals will be played on Oct 3ed, 2015
USCCC Finals:
Ford won the 2015 US Corporate Cup.
USCCC Semi Finalists:
Ford vs GM @ Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills MI
Chrysler vs GE @ Murphy Park, Pontiac, MI

NCCC 2015 Tournament Awards

Winning Team: $500 Check from Mich-CA
Runners-up Team: $300 Check from Mich-CA
MVP of Tournament: $50 Check from Mich-CA
Best Bowler: $50 Check from Mich-CA
Best Batsman: $50 Check from Mich-CA
Best Fielder: $50 Check from Mich-CA

USCCC & NCCC 2015 Schedule