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2017 Mich-CA Tournaments

2017 T20 Plate
2017 T20 Plate
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2017 GLT
2017 GLT Tournament
FINALS on May 14th, 2017.
Venue: Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI
Time: 2:30pm

2017 Winter Tournament
2017 Winter Tournament
April 21st: 9:30PM. 2017 Winter Indoor Tournament FINALS @ Oakland University Dome.

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2016 F40 Matches
2016 Mich-CA F40 Matches

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T20 Trophy 2016 Latest News

T20 Plate 2016 Latest News

2016 GLT News
2016 Mich-CA GLT (Great Lakes Trophy)
2016 GLT (Great Lakes Tournament)
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2017 Mich-CA Awards Ceremony with Shivnarine Chaderpaul Click Here for the pictures from 2017 Mich-CA Awards Ceremony with Shivnarine Chaderpaul

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2017 Mich-CA Tournaments F40 2015 Finals

Novi defeated Royal Terminators to claim 2015 F40 Championship

T20 Shield Finals

Bangladesh Tigers defeated Novi to claim 2015 T20 Shield Championship

T20 Trophy Finals

Macomb defeated Detroit Cricket Club to win 2015 T20 Trophy Championship

T20 Plate Finals

TCAT defeated MMXI and win 2015 T20 Plate Championship

Winter Tournament 2015 highlights

Macomb defeated RKCC to win Mich-CA Winter 2015 Tournament

Novi (NVCC) beat Chargers (CHCC) by 40 Runs and claim GLT 2015 title.
Salman (29 Runs & 4-0-22-1)
Venue: Bloomer Park, MI