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Net Run Rate Explained

A team's run rate (RR)Run Rate = Total Runs Scored / Total Overs Faced


FOR NRR= Total Runs Scored / Total Overs Played

AGAINST NRR= Total Runs conceded / Total Overs Bowled

The exceptions to this are:

  • If a team is bowled out the full quota of overs to which it would have been entitled is used (e.g. 40 overs for an uninterrupted F40 and 20 overs for a T20 match).
  • If a match is interrupted and Duckworth-Lewis revised targets are set, the actual runs scored and overs faced are used for Team 2's innings (the side which batted second), but the revised targets and revised overs are used for Team 1's innings, i.e.If the match is concluded, Team 1 is credited with 1 run less than the final Target Score for Team 2, off the total number of overs allocated to Team 2 to reach the target.
  • If the match is abandoned, but a result achieved, Team 1 is credited with Team 2's Par Score off the same number of overs faced by Team 2.
  • If a match is abandoned as a No Result, none of the runs scored or overs bowled counts towards this calculation.